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My first job as a draftsman was in the summer of 1972 working for Houston Atlas Inc. Houston Atlas manufactured H2S analyzers and related support equipment. At that time all drafting was done by hand either with pincil or ink. We built the manuals that were supplied with the equipment. These manuals included connection diagrams, wiring schematics and diagrams and operating procedures. These manuals were created using a combination of pincil and ink drawings. We made silk screens for equipment panels with ink. K & E Leroy Lettering sets were the preffered tools for lettering with ink. The panels were acid etched which required lettering to be drawn on mylar to make photo images.

The next time I used Leroy lettering wes for Chevron in the 80's. We were making changes to existing maps for pipelines.

It wasn't until 2007 while working at AllStar Sprinkler Co that I got a chance to use ink again. I used colored ink to create detail drawings for fire sprinkler systems.

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